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Bok Tower Gardens
If you drive from Davenport to Miami on US highway 27, look to the left as you approach the town of Lake Wales. On the distant ridge – the highest hill in the peninsula of Florida - you will see a prominent tower, known as Bok Tower. Surrounding the ...
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Ospreys in Florida
If you have ever peered through a powerful telescope at a solitary osprey sitting far away on its nest in Scotland or the Lake District, you will know what thrilling birds they are – and how difficult they are to see in the UK. Welcome to Flo...
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See wild manatees up close!
Manatees are fascinating creatures, like a gentle, warm water version of a walrus without the fierce tusks. Only about 3,000 West Indian manatees live in Florida, but unlike many rare animals, you have a good chance of seeing manatees in the wild if ...
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