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There is an art to doing the theme parks and getting the most enjoyment out of them.

First, shoes! It is essential you wear the most comfortable shoes you possess as you will be on your feet for most of the day. High heels are a complete no, no, as are boots, however fashionable they may be.

Second, water! There are fountains all over the parks but if you are stuck in a long queue on a very hot day you will need bottled water as dehydration can be a real problem in Florida in the height of the summer.

Third, sunblock! Even if you have smothered yourself before leaving home you really should carry a small bottle for topping up during the day. A sun hat is as important especially at the middle of the day or even a light umbrella or parasol is a good idea.

After those three top things the rest is about getting the most out of your day.

Always head for the most popular rides first as the queues will build up fast. You can always fast pass them if you get there and they already busy. Have a break from rides at about 11am and have your lunch then or leave it until 2pm; that way you avoid the busiest times in the restaurants. You can always have a really good cooked breakfast before setting off and just take snacks during the day, but you do need periodic rests or you may collapse with exhaustion in the heat!

Another good time to do the rides is when the parades are on at 11am and 3pm at the Disney parks, while many people will be watching and freeing up some of the rides. If you plan to eat lunch early or late of course 12 – 2 is a good time to do the rides. Then near to closing time or in the evening when a lot of the younger ones will have gone home, the parks will be a bit quieter.

If you wish to eat in one of the better restaurants in the parks then it is essential to book them first thing when you arrive as they get booked up very quickly.

As all the parks have lockers for hire and it is advisable to take extra clothes in the cooler months for the evenings or in the summer you can have a change of shoes or just have somewhere to put your purchases during the day.

Finally just to reiterate, keep yourself covered in sunblock and take plenty of water or you could be really ill, these two are the most important things. If you remember them then you will have a wonderful day at the park.

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Speedway at Magic Kingdom

The Country Bears Jamboree

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Electric Parade - Magic Kingdom

Pirates of the Carribbean at Magic Kingdom

Blues Brothers at Universal

Power Rangers at Universal

Stunt Show at Hollywood Studios

Blues Brothers at Universal

Exposition Hall at Magic Kingdom

Disaster Ride at Universal

The Mummy at Universal

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