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When you visit the Orlando area you’ll find virtually every type of restaurant imaginable.

If you want value for money try the buffet style restaurants. There are numerous types such as Ponderosa, Sizzler and Golden Corral to name just a few.

These are all very similar & typically offer an ‘all you can eat’ buffet dinner for around $10.00. Drinks will cost extra at around $1.80 for a refillable soft drink.

Look for discount coupons in the various leaflets & flyers, this will generally save you 10% off your total bill.


If you’re looking to fill yourself up for the day, I would recommend ‘Ponderosa’ as the best for buffet style & ‘Dennys’ for the best from a set menu. Either will give you more food than you need and will leave you feeling full. Ponderosa is all buffet style & offers a large range of food. After being shown to your seat you just grab a plate & help yourself. You’ll find a variety of fresh fruit & cereals, pancakes, bacon, eggs, sausages, tomatoes, hash browns, beans etc, etc. The waiters and waitresses are efficient and work hard to clear your tables, bringing you fresh supplies of toast & coffee on a regular basis.


If you happen to arrive late for breakfast you will find that the breakfast buffet starts to get cleared away at around 11am. This is immediately replaced by the lunch buffet. If you are of a mind to, you can then have the best of both worlds!

On the whole all the buffet style restaurants are very similar & offer similar types of food at lunchtimes.


Ponderosa, is a long time favourite with UK visitors, traditionally offering a main meal, known as an entrée in the USA, normally a steak with a choice of potatoes or fries. You can then help yourself to the buffet bar consisting of a huge variety of fruit & salad with pasta and chicken wings amongst other things.

Golden Corral & the recently opened Whistle Junction allow you to have as much meat & steak as you want. Both offer an open grill with a chef cooking the steaks just how you want. Whistle Junction has the novelty of a miniature railroad with trains to keep younger eyes fascinated. Staff also come around with delicious freshly baked cookies which are irresistible.

Golden Corral has a number of restaurants & is fast becoming a popular choice among the many holidaymakers. They have an extensive variety of food including steaks, beef, ham, home made burgers, pizzas, chicken and fresh fruit & salad bars. They also have an amazing selection of desserts from ice cream to gateaux and home baked pies.

The ‘all you can eat’ buffets offer fantastic value for money & you certainly won’t leave feeling hungry.

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