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This is my review for “Charlie’s Steak House” May 2007 which is on the 192 near marker 8.

Charlie’s feels upmarket by the presentation of the staff and also the furniture and surroundings.

Even taking this into account children seemed to be well catered for with plenty of high chairs and a children’s menu.

We were seated almost instantly even though the restaurant seemed quite busy.

The wine list is about the most extensive I have come across, though the price for even a “cheap” bottle does reflect this – I think the most expensive champagne listed was about 800 dollars! . We opted for a more modest Chardonnay at around 33 dollars and decided that perhaps we’d go for the champagne next time after winning the lottery but before travelling the world.

For me almost with out exception at a US steak house I choose the New York strip.

Even though I had decided before we were even seated the server has to give a little lecture on steak and show you the various cuts.

It’s entertaining the first time but a bit of a chore for subsequent visits; don’t have the heart to tell the guy to shut up! ?

The steak arrived promptly, it doesn’t take that long to cook I guess once it has been seared at 1, 100 degree’s! – I think that fact is amazing on its own let alone the taste I was about to experience.

My steak was perfect – no I mean really , really excellent! . You can taste the subtle limed oak as it melts in your mouth from the open pit grill.

Could even cut it with the back of the knife if you really wanted to be a bit sad; probably shows to all the locals that we are from the UK and don’t have real steak there……but why not? ?

Surprisingly the baked potato was excellent too especially as I am not a fan of these. You get to choose what filling you want when it has been delivered to your table which is great. Total price for two with wine and no desert (no room! ) was US$130. We consider this good value compared to the UK – but we know of a better steak house and cheaper but perhaps without the Charlie’s ambience…. .

Our quest for the best steak continues. I would personally rank Charlie’s in my top 5 in the entire world. For the record I have travelled a bit more than Bognor Regis and Plymouth ? , so I feel a top 5 ranking is pretty seriously good!

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