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After hearing so many good things about this attraction I decide to take the plunge and attend a performance on 3rd January at 6. 00pm ( There are 2 performance nightly , the second one being at 9. 00pm )

I know I am Scottish and we are meant to be mean money wise ( not true lol ) but 2 tickets set me back $230. 00 ( Approx GBP191. 00 ) which for a 90 min performance was a bit steep, however I was
in the 2nd row center stage. Prices start I think from $70. 00.

Arriving at the auditorium at Disney Springs there were long queues to gain access so we joined the queue immediatly

Only 4 doors to gain access manned by one person at each door , and these individuals had to check all the tickets , manual tickets , e tickets etc on their electronic devices and that takes time. I immediatly said to my partner there is no way that everyone will get in by the start of the show and that proved correct.

When the show started there was 90% occupancy but after about 10 min 100-150 people were given access to the auditorium ! ! ! ! ! ! Very unprofessional.

As to the show itself, 10 individual segments /acts , there is a loosely linked thread throughout the whole performance , also two Italian Clowns appear after each act as a filler.

After 10 minutes I was hugely disappointed but then an act of two trick cyclists made an appearance and the energy they created caused the audiance to wake up and created a buzz throughout the auditorium

Of the 10 acts , I would give 5 of the acts a rating of 5-5, but these acts young kids in the audiance loved them , something as simple as the two clowns throwing a paper made airplane at each other evoking lots of laughter from kids

The other 5 acts , I would gave 2 of the acts 10 - 10

The other 3 acts I would award 11 - 10, superb

Hats off to the accompanying band for the music and the lady singer who performs throughout the show who does not receive as much recognition as she deserves.

All together a entertaining night, and after leave the show you have the delights of Disney Springs to enjoy

I am told by people who attend this show regulary, if you want cheaper priced tickets to wait as close as you can to the date of the performance before booking.

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