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Do visit Disney during your vacation

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that Disney is all there is to Orlando.

Do visit the Disney Resorts, they are well worth visiting

Don’t actually stay there because a villa offers you so much more.

Do make good use of the Disney transport system if you have a Park Pass.

Don’t leave anything behind on ferryboats monorails or launches.

Do make sure that you have a good plan before you go to the parks.

Don’t stick too rigidly to it if something crops up.

Do have a few Disney dining reservations in place.

Don’t have so many that you set your day around eating.

Do take a camera; there are so many great photo ops in Disney.

Don’t get pestered into having photos taken by Disney staff if you are not interested.

Do make sure you fast pass the popular rides early in the day

Don’t ‘persuade’ a youngster on to a ride if they are frightened. Use the ‘switch off ‘system which Disney cast members will help you with.

Do remember your sunscreen and hat.

Don’t forget that in winter you will also need to have extra clothes if you stay in the parks once the sun has gone down.

Do arrange a meeting place in each Disney park with your group in case you lose one another.

Don’t try to travel in the parks as one large group; you will get more done if you split into smaller groups.

Do remember that this is a holiday and relax.

Don’t dash about trying to do everything. Enjoy what you are doing in the moment. Disney is best enjoyed for its magical moments not as a route march exercise.

Do remember to drink lots of water.

Don’t pay Disney prices, take a water bottle and keep it refilled at water fountains.

Do enjoy the day time parades.

Don’t set up camp on the side of the road where the sun is beating down.. It may be much cooler to wait for the parade on the other side of the road.

Do go back to the villa for a rest in the daytime and go back for the evening entertainment.

Don’t do this on Christmas Day or you will not get back in.

Do talk to young children about the characters before you go.

Don’t forget the Disney characters will appear very large to a small child

Do remember that there is a lot to watch as well as to do.

Don’t miss the opportunity of watching something fascinating because you feel that the rides are the things you must do.

Do enjoy every moment.

Don’t forget that after that hectic day at the parks you have the pleasure of returning to that great villa where you can relax while the children play safely nearby or are tucked up asleep in their own room.

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