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The four main Disney parks make up the magical and wonderful Walk Disney World and each park has it’s own unique characteristics.

The Magic Kingdom is the flagship of Disney and the place where some of the most beloved characters come to life. Modelled on the original Magic Kingdom in Disneyland California, this is the king of theme parks and attracts more visitors each year than any other theme park in the USA. The Happiest Place on Earth is made up of 7 enchanted lands where the past meets the future and offers an array of entertainment for all ages.

As you enter along Main Street, Cinderella’ s Castle looms in the distance and is the hub of the park. From here you can branch out into Tomorrowland, Fantastyland, Adventureland, Frontierland and Mickey’ s Toontown Fair.

Twice the size of Magic Kingdom, EPCOT is made up of two very different features and is a one of a kind attraction where you can experience a range of different nations and participate in the latest innovations all in once place.

World Showcase is situated around a large lagoon and features various countries proudly displaying their own culture, cuisine and history. Explore the sights of Great Britain and America, sample some spicy Mexican food, take a tour around Canada and see the exquisite buildings in Japan.

Once you have been around the world you can head over to Future World which focuses it’ s attention on on science and technology. Test a race car at break neck speeds, watch the hilarious ’ Honey I Shrunk the Audience’ and gleam snippets of education every step of the way.

Many people say EPCOT stands for ’ Every Person Comes Out Tired! However, the actual name is Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow.

Animal Kingdom is Disney’ s newest addition and is home to over 1000 animals all living in a beautiful 500 acre park. A visit to Animal Kingdom will transport you to Africa, Asia and even DinoLand.

Opened in 1998, education and conservation is the whole tone of the park and is based on a quote made by Walt Disney himself: " I have learned from the animal world, and what everyone will learn who studies it is, a renewed sense of kinship with the earth and all its inhabitants. "

Excavate fossils in DinoLand USA, take in the wonders of the Kilimanjaro Safari through the African Savannah, listen to the squeals of delight as children watch the live shows and parades over in Camp Minni-Mickey and ride the Kali River Rapids along the Chakranadi Rover.

Expedition Everest is the thrilling roller coaster ride that takes you up the 200 foot tall mountain.

The Animal Kingdom intentionally uses the phrase ’ Nahtazu’ frequently to emphasise the park is " not a zoo" and has so much more to offer.

Disney’ s Hollywood Studio’ s, then known as MGM Studio’ s, opened it’ s gates in 1989 and was created to showcase the wonders of the world film making. Hollywood Boulevard welcomes visitors and is lined with a magical selection of stores and attractions and is set back in the glamour times of 1930’ s Hollywood.

Experience how film makers create special effects and spectacular stunts, watch the hilarious 3D Muppet Show or sit back and relax during the fascinating Walt Disney: One Man’ s Dream chronicling the incredible life of Walt Disney.

For thrill seekers, head down Sunset Boulevard and step into the Tower of Terror and plunge 13 floors in an old elevator or accompany Aerospace on the Rock n Roller Coaster.

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The American Adventure at Epcot

Universe of Energy at Epcot


The Everest Expedition at Animal Kingdom

Tree of Life at Animal Kingdom

Attractions for all ages

Magic Kingdom

The colourful parades are magical

The Castle at Magic Kingdom

The Liberty Belle at Magic Kingdon

Decorative Gardens at Hollywood Studios

The Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studio's

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