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Whether it is a cowboy clothing shop or an amazing hunting, fishing, shooting shop that you are looking for, you’ll find both here.

The shop selling cowboy and girl clothing has an outstanding array of cowboy boots at all price levels, you can easily spend an hour just looking around the place, they have working shirts, chaps, Wyatt Earp type coats, leather belts, Stetsons, a full range of ladies clothing including ladies hats, and, a plastic bull for you to have your photo taken on.

Even if you are not into this sort of clothing it is still worth a look, and whilst you are there, you really must go and wonder around the hunting, fishing, shooting shop.

I have never seen such an array of equipment from the boat for the fisherman, which includes flat bottomed boats, cruisers, speed boats, right up to targets to practice either shooting guns, bows and arrows or crossbows on.

The shop is huge with a small café in the middle to have a rest and quick coffee whilst all around you is the most amazing collection of hunting equipment. Do you want a seat that straps to a tree to hunt from; they have them here, fishing rods, hooks, floats, bait.

In another section, guns of all type and calibre, ammunition, targets including life-size deer with a target on their rump. Bows and arrows, crossbows and of course everything associated with this type of hunting.

A further huge section displays knives of all types from Swiss knives to full hunting knives and talking to the assistant on this section, each knife has its special use.

There is small children’s equipment so that they can go with Dad, even down to camouflaged baby grows, tents of all shapes and sizes together with cookers, pans, plates, knives, forks and cups, in fact everything that you would need to camp.

Finally, well almost, the clothes section, it has thermal underwear, t-shirts, warm working shirts, trousers, coats and waterproofs in both normal and camouflaged material, wellingtons, waders including those type of wader that goes straight up to a brace and bib. Walking boots of all type, walking sticks and of course compasses.

If you need to go hunting, fishing or shooting, using whichever weapon that you choose, this is the place to go, they even supply quad bikes to carry you to your destination, and trucks to carry the quad bike when finished with.

And if you are not into hunting, it certainly opens your eyes to the equipment available to those who are.

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