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Florida offers so much in the way of differently styled restaurants, cafes, bars, buffets, take-aways; there’s something for everyone! Whatever you fancy whether it be quick snack or more substantial meal, then everyone has their favourite but during our last trip out we happened on the Hard Rock Café & now we will definitely go there each trip!

We had had a long day at Universal & the thought of going back home to cook was not too appealing. I had been to the HRC in London twenty years ago so I knew a little of what to expect – I tentatively suggested it to my sister & we decided to go for it! There was a small queue but it moved fairly quickly and my previous experience did not do the place justice!

As soon as we got to the entrance hall the kids faces were a picture as they saw a full sized car suspended from the roof! The greeter was very patient as he tried to hurry us along to our table – “wow, isn't that HIS guitar? “ “Yeah but that’s the actual COAT! “, “I had a copy of that album!” ….and that was just the adults!!! The kids just couldn’t believe that they were allowed to watch music videos while they were eating!!! And surely the waiters were having a competition to see who could have the wackiest hairstyle? The atmosphere is electric, with rock music of all types playing; us oldies were considered quite cool as we knew the songs first time round!!

Then we got the menus – wow! Great sounding starters, burgers, steaks, fajitas, salads, where should we start?? Having spied the size of some of the dishes passing we decided to do a bit of sharing. We weren’t disappointed either, the salads were delicious, the fajitas scrumptious, the burgers gorgeous and even the youngest at 7 declared the macaroni cheese the best!!

Us adults also felt it necessary to try the long beer in commemorative glasses (with free top up!) I’ve got mine in the cupboard now & when I'm feeling nostalgic I pour myself an ice cool beer!

We were doing quite well with the food but then another distraction arrived in the form of a gentleman with guitar – surely he wasn’t going to stop at our table? Oh yes! He said hello to the kids & asked one or two quick questions about my nephew’s hobby (football!) & enquired the youngest’s name. Well, it was amazing! A whole song about how Thomas was going to play for United & treat his younger sister to whatever she wanted!!! Certainly a most memorable experience, I just wish Id had a video camera!

By this stage we were all feeling a little full & unfortunately never got to sample the most amazing looking deserts (not even the chocolate mountain in a glass made for sharing!) Our very friendly waiter packed up our left overs & we very reluctantly left. Not the cheapest meal we had but certainly the quality was excellent & we could just have had a burger each! We talked about our evening for days, not so much a meal out but a whole new experience!! Why not try it next time you visit Universal?

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