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There is so much to do in the Orlando area that you will need to do a bit of planning to make sure you see all the best bits and what all the various members of your family want to do. If you just arrive and think “Now what”? you may be a bit overwhelmed.

If you do not know anybody who has been to Orlando before, then read the articles on these forums to find out all about what you can do in Orlando. Try and plan to do theme parks on alternate days with something a bit less strenuous in between otherwise you will be exhausted after a week. The theme parks all open from early morning until late into the evening and if you kept up that level of visiting you would indeed need to be carried home.

A day at a water theme park is more relaxing and a stroll round the Alligator park would not be too taxing. A picnic in one of the national parks is nice or going on an airboat ride, which is a must if you have never done it before. Be aware though that the engines are very loud and may hurt very little ones ears. If you do not mind heights a hot air balloon trip or a helicopter ride would be very exciting. All these can be slotted in between days at the theme parks and will give you time to rest in between visits without having to miss anything. Of course if you have booked a villa for your holiday, then you can just chill out by the pool and maybe have a bar-b-que in the evening.

Also planning which rides to go on will save you time and frustration. Work out which will suit each member of the party and what will appeal to them most. You can always split up and meet up again for meals or drinks breaks. There are also articles on these forums about which rides suit which type of people and can help you to not be disappointed if you have waited in line for a ride and then been less than pleased with it.

Ladies, if you are afraid of becoming a holiday golf widow, do not allow hubby to take his golf clubs. You will never see him again until the end of the holiday as there are some 300 golf courses in Florida! Of course if you both like golf then you are in for a real treat – mind you, if your ball goes into the rough, do not go looking for it. You never know what may be lurking there, after all it is not leafy Surrey. It is the tropics.

Well I hope this has given you some insight in to what a treat is in store for you on your Florida holiday.

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Santas Grotto - Downtown Disney

Cinderellas Castle at Christmas

Tomorrowland at Magic Kingdom Parade

Meet the charcters at Magic Kingdom Parade

Winnie the Pooh - Magic Kingdom Parade

Country Bears Jamboree - Magic Kingdom Parade

Country Bears Jamboree - Magic Kingdom Parade

Country Bears Jamboree - Magic Kingdom Parade

Country Bears Jamboree - Magic Kingdom Parade

Magic Kingdom Parade

Magic Kingdom Parade

Magic Kingdom Parade

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