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The Indiana Jones show at Disney Hollywood Studios is one of my most favourite shows.

Make sure you get to this show a good 25 minutes ahead of its start time; it tends to fill up quickly and you certainly want a good seat so that you can see all the action.

I think it is one of my favourites because it has some of the actual stunt men (and women! ) from the films that would have stood in for Harrison Ford and his lady sidekick whose name escapes me! The best bits are obviously the re-enactments of the classic elements from Raiders of the Lost Ark, such as the giant boulder crushing poor Indy and the fight around the propellerd plane. When a particular act has been completed usually a supposed producer or director talks you through the next scene this is usually accompanied by the actual massive scenery being towed out of view whilst new scenery is placed. I always find this element rather exciting just because of the scale of the sets and how it all happens just so “matter of fact” without even a comment from the narrator. The authenticity is captured far more than any other show because it actually feels like it is a real film set and the stunts and effects always have a wow factor! .

As well as the set pieces there are demonstrations of the bull whip (Indy’s favourite weapon! ), fight scenes and acrobatics all with those memorable Raiders of the Lost Ark tunes faithfully playing away in the background.

The rest of the audience always seem pretty engrossed and I have seen it at least 3 or 4 times and yet it never fails to bore me. Every time after a visit I have promised myself to purchase one of the Indiana Jones hats; of course never quite getting round to getting it and coughing up the 40 dollars or so. This time I did! I wear it in the garden and indeed confess I do feel a bit Indy wearing it. Indiana Jones is a show for every one of all ages. I would be quite happy to pay a separate fee just for this show as it is easily worth it.

Just for the record to date no large boulders, swordsmen or Nazi’s have approached me yet so I assume just wearing the hat is enough to keep them at bay ? .

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Indiana Jones - Hollywood Studios

Indiana Jones - Hollywood Studios

Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones

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