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Don’t arrive at the Longhorn Steakhouse without an appetite. Although the name suggests a red-meat eatery, you can also order salads, burgers, sea-food and a wide variety of chicken dishes. What you cannot get is a small amount of anything. Be prepared to take some home for supper or tomorrow’s lunch (or both!).

Our experiences in the Longhorn Steakhouse, at mile 11 on the north side of the 192, can only be described as excellent. We called and booked in advance, which is not strictly necessary, but with eight of us we thought it a good idea. The service was very attentive and the staff were knowledgeable and friendly without being that annoyingly overnice.

The menu is very comprehensive and is, of course, dominated by steaks of every cut – filet, rib-eye, New York Strip, T-Bone and Porterhouse. They will cook them to your exact specification, whether you like them blue or cremated. The steaks come with or without salad, with fries or baked potatoes or mash. There is a wide variety of side dishes and, as you would expect, a large selection of sauces too. Before you get as far as the main course there are some great starters too, and I can recommend the Buffalo Wings and the Texas Tonion. All our orders came as we asked for them and were absolutely delicious. It was all so good that we went twice in one week.

On the drinks side I made the mistake of ordering a Texan Margarita. It comes in a pint pot and I had to pass the car keys over as I felt myself falling under its influence. There are, as with everywhere in the States, too many beers to remember, bottomless sodas and coffees of all descriptions. Again, there was something for everyone.

For pudding, I ordered the Apple Pie. I did not mean to order the whole pie but it seemed as though that’s what I got! Luckily, I was able to share it around the party. There are some great puddings on the menu but again beware – they are rather large. The same goes for the ice creams – they are huge, and it takes dedication to be able to eat a whole one.

The Longhorn Steakhouse has a great atmosphere and is reasonably priced. The food is good and the staff are well trained and attentive. If you like steaks (or even if you don’t) it is well worth a try.

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