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One of our guests recently booked two weeks with us but actually stayed in the US for three, flying from the UK to New York for a week, staying in the Big Apple, and taking time to visit all the sites, Green Park, the Dakota Buildings to pay homage to the great John Lennon, Ground Zero, which they said was very emotional, and of course that great natural site, Niagara Falls. Finally, after an exhausting week visiting the sites of the Big Apple, arriving at Grand Central Station to catch the train to Orlando and the parks, or relaxation as they chose. That is the beauty of renting a villa, someone’s pride and joy, someone who takes great pride in presenting a beautifully maintained and presented house caring for the well-being and enjoyment of their guests, you can choose to chill out at the villa and enjoy all of it’s facilities, or go to the parks.

Their description of the journey sounded fabulous with the train meandering from Grand Central Station, through to the outskirts of the City and on to the countryside, going through the different regions and differing countryside, eating whilst leisurely travelling on to your final destination, crossing and cris crossing roads, streams, rivers and alongside the sea, going through industrial areas, on to the outskirts of residential areas, and of course through the wild areas on route. Imagining what the wild areas were like back in the 1800’s with Buffalo roaming the plains.

It’s something that we never see whilst we are flying to Orlando, Tampa, Miami or Sanford, we miss all of this natural beauty just waiting there for us to look at if we can be bothered to but take the time to look, it’s something that we miss whilst we are driving down the very adequate freeways in the US.

And then to sleep, the rhythmic rocking of the train lulling you into a deep slumber, waking the next morning to breakfast and a discernable change, it’s warmer, the countryside is different, it’s golden now, not so green, but in it’s own way, equally beautiful. On through the ever changing countryside with spectacular views all around, city, countryside, fields, the coast, eventually stopping at your destination, Orlando and your villa. .

These are the words that our guest used to describe the journey, it certainly convinced me that it was a journey that my family would like to take one day, would you?

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