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The Rainforest Café in Downtown Disney is a great place for a special meal out for all the family, but it is particularly suitable for children. You can experience the excitement of eating your meal to the accompanying sounds of thunderstorms and animal noises.

The entire restaurant is themed as a tropical rainforest, with lush vegetation, banyan trees and a leafy canopy overhead hiding animatronic birds and other creatures in it. Look out for the sleepy jaguar stretched out along a branch, or the cheeky monkey thinking of jumping down, while in other areas of the restaurant there are elephants and gorillas. The room is dimly lit, and in one section, the leaf canopy has parted and you can see the night sky filled with twinkling stars. Periodically (about every half an hour) throughout your meal, the lightning will flash, the thunder will roll and the sound of pouring rain will fill the air. You really could imagine that you were sitting in the middle of a rain forest.

At the main entrance to the restaurant the scene is set with a waterfall, animatronic animals and live tropical birds. When you are shown into the dining area the effect is immediately impressive and the rainforest theming even extends to the stools at the bar, which are designed to look like the back ends of various creatures – zebra, giraffe and flamingo for example. Around the restaurant there are waterfalls and huge aquariums, with tables placed so that you can eat while you watch the beautiful exotic fish swim gently around.

The waiters and waitresses are dressed as though they were going on a jungle trek and are very enthusiastic and attentive.

The menu is extensive and offers dishes that have been influenced by Mexican, Asian, Indian and Italian cuisine. The dishes have imaginative and theme-related names like Leaping Lizard Lettuce Wraps, or Raging Thunder Wings. For your main course perhaps you fancy eating Rasta Pasta, Flying Dragon Pepperoni Pizza, Rumble in the Jungle Turkey Wrap or Mayan Beef Burrito. Make sure you leave room for the desserts because they are very tempting too. There is Gorillas in the Mist Banana Cheesecake, which is delicious, or what about trying the Volcano, which is the Rainforest Café’s speciality. It is a towering pile of chocolate brownie cake, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, caramel sauce and chocolate sauce all topped off with a sparkler. When this is brought to your table, the waiter will shout ‘Volcano’ and all the other waiters echo the shout through the restaurant!! There is no chance of sneakily eating this pudding without anyone noticing!!

The Rainforest Café is not the sort of place to go if you are hoping for a quiet evening out, but if you really want to have a dining ‘experience’ to remember then this will certainly provide it.

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