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If you loved the Soarin ride at Disney Epcot, I think you will be impressed with the new, upgraded version. Even if you have been on the older Soarin, you will find this one completely different. The ride is now called “Soarin Around the World”. The older version had you flying over California while the newer version has you flying over many world landmarks such as the Pyramids, Fiji Island, Great Wall of China and many other well known sites. You feel as free as a bird as this interactive ride has you soaring around the world. This ride used digital technology that makes this new ride come to life.

The smell and sounds make this ride so much fun. You get the scents of oranges and pine forests. You feel the wind and rain on your face.

While you are in the queue, there is a trivia game that allows you to compete against other waiting guests on your knowledge of the world. You are then taken to a “pre-flight” area where they give you the instructions for your flight. You sit in a row of 7 seats that are similar to benches. You must place any loose articles under your seat or on the floor beneath your seat. If you are wearing flip flops on your feet, you will be asked to remove them and place them with your other articles. You strap in with a seatbelt and you are then ready for takeoff. This is not a rough, roller coaster ride but is very smooth and calm. The rows of seats rise but if you are afraid of heights, you can ask to sit in the back row (row three). The back row lifts only a few feet off the ground. The best seats are the first or second row in the middle section. Sometimes if you politely ask they will let you sit there if no one else has asked for those particular seats. Minimum height for this ride is 40 inches.

The wait for this ride can be overwhelming and the ride lasts only for a few minutes but it is really worth waiting for. Another theatre had been added so the wait has been shortened somewhat. Sometimes the posted wait time is higher than the actual wait time. When we were there, the posted wait time said 75 minutes but we only waited around 30 minutes. You definitely need a fast pass to do this ride as it is one of the most popular Disney rides. Sometimes the lines are shorter if you go first thing in the morning or late at night.

You may want to do this ride two or three times to see any details you may have missed on your first flight. I know you will not be disappointed with Soarin around the World

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