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The Italian Courtyard Restaurant is located in West Cocoa Beach Causeway in Cocoa Beach. Cocoa Beach is just over an hour from your holiday villa in the Orlando resort area.

This restaurant was started by Dominic and Francesca when they were a newly wed couple. This was in 1987. Over 20 years later they are the proud parents of 3 children.

Their mission was to provide food just like mama used to make. Even today Francescas' papa grows the basil they use in the dishes and her mama oversees the sauce making. So this is a truly family run business.

If you are dropping in for lunch you may very well choose a hoagy at $6. 99 or a slice of pizza, salad and drink for $4. 99.

However, dinner is definitely the main event and from the wide choice I have selected Mozarella Fritta and Antipasto Ala Familia as a starter.

Next you can choose from traditional favourites such as Manicotti or eggplant parmesan. These come with soup, salad and garlic knots.

The next section of choices have a lot of veal dishes which I could not personally order but the Tuscan Chicken IS VERY good.

Steaks are featured next and from the half dozen suggestions who could resist Steak Marsala with mushrooms (yum! )

Since we are by the ocean we should consider the fish menu and I like Zuppa de Pesco. This is a riot of shrimp, mussels, scallops, calmari, and clams nestling on a bed of linguini with a marinera sauce.

If you are on a budget then get yourself seated before 6 p. m. and there is a b. o. g. o. f.

For instance there is lasagne at $10. 95 or spaghetti with garlic oil sauce at $8. 95 (and do not forget that is for the two of you! )

There is a range of pizzas if that is your fancy and lots of pasta, both familiar and surprising.

Still got room for pud? well good!

Canoli is $2. 50 and that would be my choice for sure! Tiramasu is $4. 95 and who could resist this unctious Italian delight.

However, I am aware that most of you look for something chocolaty so there ia a chocolate layer cake for $3. 50.

After your meal you must have a coffee. Of course there is cappuccino and espresso but why not order one of their 2 liquer and cream specialities?

Cafe Italian or Cafe Courtyard are the choices but any which way all coffees come with another of my all time Italian favourites, biscotti.

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