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Turtle Talk with Crush

If you are at Epcot and need a quiet, cool place to take a break and at the same time, get a few laughs, then Turtle Talk is the place to go.

This is a show where Crush the talking turtle from “Finding Nemo” interacts with the audience. You enter the room and at the front is a large screen which becomes “the ocean” where Crush lives. Kids get to sit on the lily pads (actually green carpet) right at the front to get a better view and the adults sit in nice comfy chairs behind them. The room is not overly large and has about 10 rows of seats.

A cast member introduces the show before Crush swims onto the screen and uses his underwater microphone to ask kids questions about life on land and answers questions on what it is like to live in the ocean. Crush is hilarious. He can actually see the kids and will pick them out to talk to them. “You in the green shirt in the front row”.

It is so cute to see the little ones believe they are really talking to Crush. It is amazing that Crush has an answer for anything and it is usually a funny answer. Crush’s lips move in perfect sync to what he is saying and he sounds exactly like Crush in the movie.

The show is different each time as it depends on the questions he is asked. He also will pick out an adult from the audience and have a conversation with them. You can’t hide from him as he can see everyone. A cast member will bring a microphone to the person Crush has picked out to talk to. If your child would really like to ask Crush a question, they should try to kneel in the first row on the floor and wear something very bright so they will be noticed.

Crush will talk to about 5 or 6 people in the audience.

Those in wheelchairs may stay in their wheelchairs and the show last approximately 15-20 minutes. It is amazing to see the technology that allows Crush to have a real time conversation with the audience. You always leave the show wondering how it is done.

This is not just a show for little kids but a show that adults will enjoy also. You leave this show with a happy feeling and I highly recommend it. (Your feet will also thank you for the rest)

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