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Restaurants we enjoy that cater for Vegetarian and non vegetarians.

With Vegetarian and non Vegetarian members in our family initially we had difficulty in finding restaurants in Orlando where we could all have a good meal, at a reasonable price, but the following we would recommend.

In our family my wife and one twin daughter are vegetarian (but will eat regular Cheese), my other twin daughter prefers red meat with a little salad or veg. Youngest Daughter will eat anything except red meat and loves pizza, fries and pasta. I won’t eat red meat. So finding restaurants that we all enjoy is “challenging”, the following are restaurants that we enjoy:-

Olive Garden

The Olive Garden chain of restaurants serves Italian style food (Pizza and Pasta based meals). Included in the price of your entrée (main course) is a soup or salad and Italian style bread rolls, so unless you are a large eater there is no need to order a starter/appetizer. If you want additional soup or rolls just ask. The salad, comes in a large bowl and is flavoured with Olive gardens own dressing – Lovely. Our Favourite non meat meals are Capellini Pomodoro, Linguine alla Marinara and Manicotti Formaggio (very filling). The Pizza’s are good but have a very thin base. As with most restaurants soda’s (Pop) are refilled for free. The draft beer selection is normally Bud or Bud lite, but they have a wider selection of bottled beers. There are several Olive Garden restaurants in the area, for example one on the intersection of Sand lake Road and Orange Blossom Trail (just outside the Florida Mall), On International Drive and on State Route 192, Kissimmee, around mile marker 10.

Romano’s Macaroni Grill

Serves Italian style food, pasta and pizza and also has a grill for chicken, pork and beef entrée (main course). There is also an option to create your own pasta meal by selecting a one of 6 pastas (ie Penne) one of 6 sauces and three ingredients (ie red peppers, Olives etc) from a selection of about 12 options. Included in the price of the entrée is a small ciabatta type bread which can be dipped in Olive oil and pepper. For starters the salad and soups are very good. The meal sizes are quite large, especially from the grill – If you can’t eat it all ask your server for a box so you can take it home to your villa. There is a Romano’s Macaroni Grill on State Route 192, Kissimmee, around mile marker 10.

Ruby Tuesdays

Serves primarily traditional American fare such as Burgers, American Style Sandwiches and fries. |Included in their entrées is a veggie burger and a large jacket potato, which is served with butter, sour cream and bacon bits (veggies can ask for the bacon bits to be held). Ruby Tuesdays has an excellent self service Salad bar with lots of different options (Tomatoes, Potato Salad, beets etc etc). The bar is pretty good with a choice of beers. There is a Ruby Tuesdays at the Food Court Entrance of the Florida Mall and on State Route 192, Kissimmee, around mile marker 10.

Uno Chicago Grill

Serves traditional American fare, Burgers, American Style Sandwiches, Steaks, Ribs and Chicken. They serve several pasta dishes, all with meat. The meal sizes are large. They serve a battered Fish and chips and Baked haddock both of which I really enjoy. For vegetarians there are a couple of options a four Cheese Pizza or a veggie pizza (we enjoy those) and a veggie burger. They have an excellent bar with a good choice of draft and bottled beers. There are Uno Chicago Grills on International Drive and on State Route 192, Kissimmee, around mile marker 10.

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